Rosemary Hill AG Smith 30” (76 cm) Telescope Handbook

Table Of Contents (Links on the Left)

1. Introduction
Background information about the telescope.

2. Suggested Weather Resources
Links to external weather prediction and recording resources.

3. Location and Directions
How to get to Rosemary Hill Observatory.

4. Pre-Observing Preparations
Things you may want to do before you observe.

5. Starting up
Instructions for starting up the telescope.

6. Imaging with the ST-7XE
Using MaximDL to take images.

7. Calibration Frames
How to take dark and flat frames at RHO

8. Alignment and Focusing
How to align the telescope and how to use the RoboFocus.

9. Guiding
How to use MaximDL and the built-in guider CCD.

11. Temporary Shut Down
Instructions for partially shutting down.

12. Full Shut Down
Instructions for shutting down the observatory at the end of the night.

13. Reducing data
Using FATBOY at UF to reduce your images

14. Telescope Emergency Information
What to do if the telescope malfunctions.

15. Emergency Information
Address, phone numbers, and information for 911

16. Links to Useful References
Some useful resources.

17. Observational Techniques
A reference list of information for the Observational Techniques class.