Once the Telescope is aligned, you can find your target field. RA and Dec should be correct, move the telescope to your target.
Field of View for the Main CCD is 10.5 by 15.5 arcminutes.

- Template (Try to keep target in center area of CCD)


- Expose (Need to be able to see star above noise of guider camera)
- Set Scope Dec
- Calibrate (Can do this on a brighter nearby star, does NOT need to be your guide star)
- Realign on main CCD if you used a separate calibration star
- Can image guide star for up to about 30s and it will still track fine. 5 to 10s is better, though.
- Once you begin tracking, you can't move the telescope!
- Should wait for the guiding to settle (let it take a few images) before starting to take images. Graph is useful here-- Errors should be less than 2. For shorter guide camera images, they're less than 1.
- Tracking will work for extended periods of time, you can now begin imaging.
- Note: if your guide star isn't particularly bright, and you change filters, you may lose the guide star (if it's not as bright in the new filter)
- Note 2: It's nice to keep the guide star window in view. You can also bring up and Error Graph (Graph Button)