- Three options: Single, Continuous, or Autosave.
- Set Exposure Time, Filter, and image type (image type is important if you want to use FATBOY reduction!)
- Single and continuous are pretty straightforward. Single is useful for longer images, Continuous is good for centering things.
- To take a series of images, use "Autosave" Option. Start by clicking the "Autosave" Button. Choose image name, and then fill out options. If you want different types of images, make sure to use different suffixes for each different option. Under Options (?), set the Image Save Path, and subfolder if appropriate.
- Click "Start" to begin series. You can stop the series at any time with the "Stop" button. If you start it up again, it will begin the series at the next number, it won't overwrite the images that have already been taken (even if you don't rename it).
- 20,000 to 40,000 counts on your object is pretty good.
- Remember to watch the dome.

Gain = 2.54 e/adu
Detector: 1530 x 1020 pixels