If you run into a problem that you cannot solve, and if it must be dealt with
immediately (rather than during the next day), you will need to notify the appropriate
person or organization, as described here. No matter what the nature of the
problem, you should at the very least report the problem in the official observing log
and describe it over the phone and/or e-mail during regular working hours to Dr.
Francisco Reyes.

A. Phone Numbers

The RHO phone numbers are:
76 cm telescope 352-486-5337
46 cm telescope 352-486-5336
Cloudland Dormitory 352-486-5338

Those phones are UF campus phones, so that you must dial 9 before you can
call out from Rosemary Hill. If you are calling a campus number, then just dial the
last five digits of the UF number. Long-distance calls are made by dialing 8, then 1,
the area code, and number. Only business or emergency long-distance calls are

The observatory address is:
Rosemary Hill Observatory
4551 NE 110th Avenue
Bronson, Florida

B. Emergency involving personal injury

If there is a life-threatening injury, then dial 911 and follow the operator’s
instructions. You will need to give the operator your exact location and phone
number (see above). At the first opportunity, you should also notify one of the
Astronomy Department individuals indicated above.
If there is a serious injury that is not life-threatening, but nevertheless requires
immediate attention, such as a broken leg, then the procedure to follow is dictated by
the injured person’s insurance coverage; you should consult with that insurer (usually
your insurance card will give a 24-hour 800 number). Students who are employed by
UF (e.g., teaching or research assistants, but not Fellows) are eligible for workman’s
compensation coverage through Humana, which should be phoned for advice (1-800-
424-6689). For example, it may be advised that the person be taken to a particular
hospital for treatment, otherwise additional costs may be incurred. (If the injured
person is unconscious, then that qualifies as life threatening, and you should call

C. Problems with Facilities, telescopes, or observatory

If you have a problem with observatory equipment that requires immediate
attention, you should call one of the numbers indicated above. If you are in doubt
about what to do, call one of those numbers for advice. Always immediately notify
one of these individuals if there is a problem that endangers the observatory or any
of its equipment; for example, if you cannot get the dome closed, do not depart RHO
until someone from UF has arrived to repair it.