Starting Up

This list is available at the telescope as well.

1. Open the dome. Note: this may be done first if the weather looks good, because it
takes a long time for the dome to equilibrate with the outdoor temperature/humidity.
• Turn the power switch on (wall)
• Rotate the knob from the central position to the open position
• Once the dome is open, turn the knob to the central position and lower the power
switch (off)

2. Start up the computer and telescope.
• Turn Canary (Dell Computer) on and log in (there is no password)
• Turn Encoder power supply on (shop)
• Open Encoder Control Program on Canary (star icon on desktop)
• Turn the telescope power on (front panel)
• Turn the tracking on (front panel, flip the switch up--do not do this if you plan to take flats first though)
• Turn the A/C off
• Turn the dehumidifier off
• Move telescope to
parallel with floor
• Open the doors of the main mirror
• Uncover CCD (and remove any cover in the light path)

3. Start up CCD and Robofocus.
• Turn on Robofocus (box attached to telescope... or will be)
• On Canary, open Robofocus app and MaximDL
• If “com” button in Robofocus is not green, press the button (if it’s not green, the computer is not talking to the RF)
• AFTER MaximDL opens, turn on CCD (power supply on cords, attached to telescope)
• After turning on power to CCD, connect to camera in MaximDL (
add menu here, or use the maximdlCCDBUTTON button)
• Turn on cooling to the camera, and then you can take images

Don’t Forget to TURN OFF THE LIGHTS before taking images.

Telescope Set Up:

- Turn on power to Encoders (Downstairs Workshop)

- Turn on Computer

- Turn on Power to Telescope

- Open up Coordinate Viewer Program on Desktop

- Turn off Dehumidifier, Heat/AC

- Move the Telescope down

- Uncover Mirror, Camera

- Power on Camera, Robofocus

- Open MaximDL on Desktop

- Connect Camera and Turn on Cooling

Now is a good time to take your first set of flats, and darks too if it's not completely dark out, or if your target object isn't high enough to observe.

- Open Dome (Switch on Wall)

- Turn on Telescope Tracking (Switch on Telescope, to "Amplifier")

- Align Telescope on Reference Star

- Focus with RoboFocus Program on Desktop (Please Record Focus Information)

- Take Science Images

Don't forget to take appropriate calibration (darks, flats) frames!