- List of Reference stars for JSkyCalc (link online)
- Choose one nearby to target.
- Need to use finderscope or telrad
- Once near center, Use preset in MaximDL (binning x2, fast readout, .1s images)
- Can use Crosshairs (Right click, Turn on in menu) to center the bright star (max will go at least above 50,000 counts on a fair enough night)
- Use the encoder program to confirm alignment and reset coordinates to your reference star. (Do this twice, I think something goofy is happening in the code)


- RF program
- A/R = Absolute/Relative. Want the Absolute Scale! So click this button. Should start out around 7500. Focus doesn't really change much, up and down by about 200, at the most. Type in the amount you want to change the focus by and then click "in" to go down and "out" to go up.
- Reminder: Focus on dimmer stars in your image!
- Note: you can image a subframe of the CCD when you focus, which will give you a smaller readout time.
- Want to get a small FWHM!