Some useful programs:

  • SAO Image DS9

  • JSky Calc

  • RHO-specific
    - RHO JSkyCalc location file (?)
    - JSkyCalc RHO Reference star file
  • FOV DS9 Template

  • - FATBOY reduction pipeline

    For Weather Resources, See Weather Page.

    Manuals and Spec Sheets for Instruments and Tools at RHO:

    Overview of the SBIG ST-8XME CCD Camera : 
    and a spec sheet:

    SBIG also has a general information sheet about CCDs:

    The spec sheet for the CCD (a Kodak KAF-1603ME) can be found here:

    The filter wheel information is available here:

    The manual for using the camera can be found here:

    Maxim-DL Manual (imaging software we use with the camera) is available here: