Astronomy 6215- "Stars and the Galaxy"

This is the home page for Astronomy 6215 taught in the Fall semester of 2014.

Professor Ata Sarajedini
Office: 2014 Turlington
Phone:  294-1963

If you want to email me, my address is

Syllabus (PDF)

Stars Graphs shown in class

Galaxy Graphs shown in class (part 1)

Galaxy Graphs shown in class (part 2)

Hyades Cluster Lab (PDF), Hyades data and cluster files

Chemical Evolution Lab (PDF)

Milky Way bulge metallicities

M31 bulge metallicities

ZAMS Project (PDF) along with the FORTRAN code (zams.f), the color transformation (green.tbl), the M67 fiducial sequence (m67vi.fid), and Appendix C of Hansen & Kawaler (Appendix).

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