The calibrated photometry files are available for each cluster in the following gzipped tar archives. The readme file describing the photometry files is available here. If you choose to download the artificial stars and have questions about them, please email Ata Sarajedini.


These are the available gzipped TAR archives in order of NGC number. Clusters without NGC numbers are included in the last TAR file. The photometry files are each typically 110MB while the artificial star files are about 650MB.

NGC0104 to NGC4590 (Photometry) (Artificial Stars)

NGC4833 to NGC5986 (Photometry) (Artificial Stars)

NGC6093 to NGC6341 (Photometry) (Artificial Stars)

NGC6352 to NGC6584 (Photometry) (Artificial Stars)

NGC6624 to NGC6779 (Photometry) (Artificial Stars)

NGC6809 to NGC7099 (Photometry) (Artificial Stars)

ARP0002 to TERZAN8 (Photometry) (Artificial Stars)


NOTE: The photometry from Dotter et al. (2011, ApJ, 738, 74), which includes HST/ACS/WFC photometry for the Galactic globular clusters NGC7006, NGC6426, Ruprecht 106, Pyxis, IC4499, and Palomar 15, is available in this gzipped TAR file. The format of the files is the same as those above.