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Bo Ma

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ADDRESS: Department of Astronomy
University of Florida
310 Bryant Space Science Center
Gainesville, FL 32611-2055
PHONE:(352) 294-1849/td>
E-MAIL: boma@ufl.edu

I am currently a post-doc researcher in the Department of Astronomy at University of Florida. I received my Ph.D in Astrophysics from University of Florida in 2015.I am now working with Dr Jian Ge on Dharmar Planet Survey. We plan to find all the short period small rocky planets around nearby bright solar-type stars. We sort of found Spock's home Vulcan Planet around HD26965A in my recent paper on MNRAS.

Recent Work:

1) Bo Ma et al. (2018) "The first super-Earth detection from Dharma Planet Survey", MNRAS,480, 2
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Nature Hightlight

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2) Bo Ma et al. “Very Low-Mass Stellar and Substellar Companions to Solar-like Stars From MARVELS VI: A Giant Planet and a Brown Dwarf Candidate in a Close Binary System HD 87646” 11th Aug 2016,

3) Bo Ma et al. "The first super-Earth Detection from the High Cadence and High Radial Velocity Precision Dharma Planet Survey"

4) Ma, Bo and Ge, J. (2014) “Statistical Properties of Brown Dwarf Companions: Implications for Different Formation Mechanisms.“ Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 439, 2781-2789.

5) Bo Ma et al. "Very-low-mass Stellar and Substellar Companions to Solar-like Stars from Marvels. III. A Short-period Brown Dwarf Candidate around an Active G0IV Subgiant", 01/2013