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Deno Stelter

AKA Reno Steele

Graduate Student

BA 2010 (CU Boulder)

MA 2012 (U Florida)


401 Bryant Space Science Center
(352) 294-1835


Areas of Specialty

NIR Instrumentation, Galactic Center extinction, X-Ray binaries, massive stars.

IDL and IRAF/PyRAF Code Monkey, working on becoming a Python whisperer.

Research Interests

Stellar outflows big and small, instrumentation, compact objects (in particular SS433 & the Crab Pulsar)


A Colorado boy from the Western Slope, I grew up with an appreciation of the stars and a fierce desire to understand them. I spent 5 years at CU-Boulder (plus one year abroad in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany for a grand total of 6) and graduated valedictorian of the department. I have adapted to the humidity of Florida and regret it immensely.

However, I have one of the finest advisors a grad student could hope for, and my fellow grad students here make the climate easier to bear. Additionally, UF is a partner in the Gran Telescopio Canarias, currently the world's largest steerable optical/IR telescope. Overall, I have spent about 6 weeks at GTC working both on the instruments with the day crew and observing with the night crew.

Notable Work Experience

I have extensive cryo-mechanical and opto-mechanical experience, particularly with 10-meter-class infra-red instrumentation (see CIRCE and MIRADAS instrument home pages).

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