Assignment 1:  Mastering Astronomy Website

Register in the Mastering Astronomy website. Once registered, go to the class website, the class code is PLANETS. Complete Assignment 1, Introduction to Mastering Astronomy. This assignment will familiarize you with the website so that it will be easier to study for exams later. 

Quiz 1:  Quiz 1 (Chapter 1) is already available in the Mastering Astronomy class website. The deadline for the quiz is January 24th at 10:35 am  (before class).

Project 1: Observing Project (Due on Thursday, February 16th - in class)

Sending in a pdf version by e-mail is preferable.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of astronomy is the opportunity to do actual observations of the sky with your eyes, binoculars or a telescope. Each student will watch the sky over the course of 4 weeks to see how the location of stars changes in the sky.

For this project you will need a chart of the constellations visible at this time of the year from Gainesville, FL. You can find a good sky map at

Scroll down the page to the Evening Sky Map Northern Hemisphere Edition section and click to download the map for the month of January in the language of your choice.

The complete instructions for the project and the form that you will need to complete can be found following this link: Observing Project

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Project : Finding Extra-Solar Planets:

This activity will help you understand how extra-solar are discovered. You will plot and analyze NASA data to determine the period of an invisible planet orbiting a wobbling star.