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Teaching Philosophy

Active and Experiential Learning at all levels

Astrophysics is not a spectator sport. Central to my teaching style is active engagement of a diverse audience at all levels. This involves group work in class, room for discussion and tangents, and at times a circular style of teaching that revisits topics over and over and over again. These methods have an end goal of both learning the details of the the astrophysics at hand in the course, but also to develop a style of thinking about problems.

Courses Taught at the University of Florida

Fall 2017: Computational Astrophysics (AST4930/7939)

In this cross-listed grad/undergrad course, we explore a diverse range of numerical techniques useful for scientific computing. These range from integration/differentiation to Monte Carlo methods to algebra and differential equation solvers. The course is taught in Python, though no prior background is necessary. Course Link

Spring 2018: Stellar Atmospheres and Radiative Processes (AST7939)

This graduate-level course will examine the fundamental theories of radiation fields and emission processes as they pertain to astrophysical scenarios. Course Link