University of Florida

Group Members and Affiliated Personnel

The following is a listing of people with whom I work on various research projects at the University of Florida, as well as regular attendees at our weekly group meeting.

Graduate Students
Deno Stelter -- Thesis topic: Image-slicing integral field units & dust extinction in the Galactic Center; PhD expected in 2017
Kendall Ackley -- Thesis topic: Electro-magnetic followup of LIGO gravitational wave sources; PhD in Physics expected in 2017
Alan Garner -- Thesis topic: IR instrumentation & X-ray binaries in the Galactic Center; PhD expected 2018
Amanda Townsend -- Thesis topic: Photonic Lightbuckets & dynamical masses of neutron stars in Be binaries; PhD expected 2018
Yigit Dallilar -- Project topic: IR instrumentation & relativistic jet formation in microquasars; PhD expected ???
Manunya Likamonsavad -- Project topic: Precision cosmology with photonic lightbuckets; PhD expected ???
Amy Gottlieb -- Project topic: X-ray binaries in the Galactic Center; PhD expected ???

Undergraduate Students
Denisse Almeida
-- Research topic:   Instrumentation Test Design & Metrology
Domenic Diaz -- Research topic:   Instrumentation Test
Henrique Vulpato (U. Sao Paulo) -- Research topic:   AO Correction of Fiber Optic Feeds
Henrique Ortolan (U. Sao Paulo) -- Research topic:   Precision Cryogenic Probe Arms

Dr. S. Nicholas Raines -- Instrumentation Scientist & MIRADAS Deputy PI
Dr. Bo Zhao -- AISC Optical Guru
Prof. Amparo Marco-Tobarra -- Sabbatical Visitor (2015-2016) from U. Alicante & MIRADAS Science Working Group member
Prof. Paco Garzon -- Sabbatical Visitor (2016-2017) from Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias & MIRADAS Science Working Group member

Engineers & Technical Staff
Greg Bennett -- Mechanical Engineer
H. Veronica Donoso -- Project Coordinator
Scott Mullin - AISC Electronics Engineer
Sid Schofield - AISC Instrumentation Program Coordinator
Frank Varosi - AISC Software Engineer
Claudia Vega - MIRADAS Project Manager
Craig Warner -- AISC Software Engineer