Francisco Reyes

                                                                               Associate Scientist 

                                                                               University of Florida       Department of Astronomy

Address: P.O. Box 112055. Department of Astronomy. University of Florida. Gainesville, FL 32611-2055

Office: 12 Bryant Space Science Center.

Phone: (352) 294-1885

E-mail address :


Director of the University of Florida Teaching Observatories which include the Campus Teaching Observatory (CTO) and Rosemary Hill Observatory (RHO).

Director of the University of Florida Radio Observatory (UFRO)



I was involved in the integration and tests of two mid-IR instruments as part of the IR instrumentation group:

T-ReCS, a mid-IR imager/spectrometer for use on the 8m Gemini South telescope

CanariCam, a mid-IR imager/spectrometer/polarimeter/coronograph, for use on the 10m GranTeCan telescope



Planetary Radio Astronomy. Jupiter decametric radio emission


ASt-1002 Discover the Universe

AST-2003 Introduction to the Solar System

Director of  AST-1022L Astronomy Lab 


Public outreach and education

Member of the Radio JOVE team, an educational program in collaboration with NASA's GSFC, Kochi National College of Technology, UFRO, Florida Space Grant Consortium and other volunteers. The Radio JOVE program is aimed at introducing high school and college students to the field of low frequency radio astronomy through the observation of the Jovian and solar low frequency radio emissions.


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