Non-Officer Positions/Jobs

   1. Outreach: Emily
   2. Space (desks): Amy
   3. MNRAS -- choose a day (Ben/Emily?)
   4. GSC reps: Krittapas and Emily Prerak
      Go to monthly Graduate Student Council meetings -- VERY IMPORTANT because this is how we are eligible to get GSC travel grants
   5. Social coffee chair: Ben K.
   6. Colloquium snack chair: Rebecca
   7. Grad: Ben -- undergrad: Sarik
      Go to meetings about curriculum -- coordinate with graduate student faculty chair (2017: currently Vicki)
   8. GAU steward: Sankalp
      Be up to date about GAU happenings and inform astro grad population about this
      Remind everyone about fee deadlines and telling them not to panic because we actually have more time than they let on
      We have until the deferment date.
   9. Downstairs TV monitor: Billy
   10. Social Media Chair:
      Wenli and Emily (and Vicki) currently have passwords to Facebook and Twitter accounts, keeping the world up to date on the goings on of the department.
Note: The names listed for each position is either the person currently filling that position or the last known person in that position.

Previous Job Holders