Observing Proposal I: NIRMOS Spectroscopy (15 points)


The goal of this project is to provide a first experience of a fundamental activity for every observer in astronomy: to apply for telescope time. In the process of writing this proposal, you will learn to make a compelling scientific case to obtain observational data in order to solve a particular problem in observational cosmology, and to design the instrumental setup required for such observations.

You will be working in groups to prepare the science case and write the proposal. Each group will consist of 2-3 students.

The telescope and instrument to be used for your scientific project are the Flamingos-2 Near-IR Multi-Object Spectrograph at Gemini-S (https://www.gemini.edu/node/10234).

The problem I would like you to solve with your proposed observations is the measurement of cosmological parameters using observations of HII-like galaxies at high redshifts. You can use the following paper as a reference:

Siegel et al., 2005, MNRAS, 356, p1117-1122.

You may find all sections of this paper particularly useful when preparing your proposal, both for the scientific justification and the technical case. You are also encouraged to read other similar papers in the literature, including those highlighting results from the MOSDEF survey using MOSFIRE at Keck. However, I emphasise that the writing of the proposal must be your own.

Below you will find a description of the different parts of the observing proposal you will have to submit.