Observing Project






One of the most enjoyable ways to learn about astronomy is to go observing.   In this project, students are required to visit the Campus Observatory on an assigned CLEAR night during the semester. After your visit, you must complete an observing form (download from this site) describing in detail the  objects that you observed  through the telescopes. You must also obtain a special token for each visit from the staff at the observatory and attach it to your form. Remember to put your name on your form. These observing reports will be graded and contribute 20% of  your total grade. Your assigned dates and due dates for the projects are listed in the instruction sheet. Remember reports can be handed in before the due dates.

Do not wait until until the due date, it may be cloudy!



Observing Project Check List



Additional Instructions

Grading rubric




Assigned Dates                                 Due date

A-J   9/1,9/5(T),9/8,9/15,9/26(T)18M 10/23

K-T  9/29,10/3(T),10/10(T),10/13   M 11/6

U-Z  10/20,10/24,11/3,11/7          W. 11/15


UF Campus Observatory

Fridays 8:30 -10pm

call 352-392-1016

for  weather check after 8pm















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