Dr. Jian Ge's Reserch Team Members

Team Leader
  Dr. Jian Ge Professor
Research Staff  
 Frank Varosi AISC Software engineer
 Sidney Schofield AISC coordinator/electronic engineer
 Jane Liu Research Program Coordinator
 Dr. Bo Zhao Assistant Scientist
 John Groot Mechanical Engineer consultant
 Dr. Bo Ma  
Graduate Students
 Nolan Grieves UF Alumini Fellow, CLAS Dissertation fellow, Astronomy
 Sirinrat Sithajan Thailand Government Scholar, Astronomy
 Yinan Zhao Astronomy
 Benjamin Kimock UF Alumini Fellow, Astronomy
 Sankalp Gilda UF Alumini Fellow, Astronomy
Prerak Garg Astronomy
Undergraduate Students
Anthony Cassette University Scholar
Connor McClellan University Scholar
Kevin Willis  
Colt Pauley  
Rhiannon Robshaw  
Fransisco M. Trujillo  


Past Ph.D Students and Their Current Positions  
Jingzhe Ma  (Ph.D., 2017) Postdoc, Univ. of California at Irvine
Bo Ma (Ph.D., 2015) Postdoc, University of Florida
Neil Thomas (Ph.D., 2015) Assistant Professor, Air Force Academy
Ji Wang (Ph.D., 2012) Postdoc, Caltech
Scott Fleming (Ph.D., 2011) Data Archival Scientist, STScI
Peng Jiang  (Ph,D., 2011, USTC) Associate Professor, Polar Research Institute of China
Jiwei Xie (Ph.D., 2011, NJU) Associate Professor, Nanjing University
Justin Crepp (Ph.D., 2008) AssociateProfessor, University of Notre Dame
Julian van Eyken (Ph.D., 2007) Data scientist, NExScI, IPAC, JPL
Suvrath Mahadevan (Ph.D., 2006) Associate Professor, Penn State
John Debes (Ph.D., 2005, Penn State) Research staff, STScI
Past Postdocs and Their Current Positions  
Dr. Tou Ji (2014) Associate Professor at Polar Research Institute of China
Dr. Nathan De Lee (2008-2011) Assistant Professor at Northern Kentucky University
Dr. Brian Lee (2007-2012) Instructor at Santa Fee College
Dr. Duy Cuong Nguyen (2009-2011) Post Doc at University of Toronto
Dr. Suvrath Mahadevan (2007-2009) Associate Professor, Penn State
Dr. Sivarani Thirupathi (2008-2009) Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Dr. Julian van Eyken (2008) Data scientist, NeXScI, JPL
Dr. Mari Cruz Galvez (2006-2008) Curie postdoc fellow, University of Hertfordshire
Dr. Stephen Kane (2005-2007) Assistant Professor at San Francisco State University
Dr. Bo Zhao (2004-2007) Associate Scientist, UF
Dr. Deqing Ren (2002-2004) Professor, California State University
Dr. Abihijit Chakraborty (2001-2004) Associate Professor, Physical Research Laboratory, India
Past College Students (a partial list) Graduate school
Sarik Jeram University of Florida
Alan Reyes Penn State
Teng Hu University of California at Santa Barbara
Alec  Herczeg New Mexico State
Louis Avner University of Arizona
Elliot Grafer University of Central Florida
Michael Steinke University of Florida
Adriana Delgado Clemson University
Hali Jakeman University of Florida
Erin Costello Air Force Academy
Adam Fletcher University of Florida
Sean McDowell University of Florida
John Bernecker (PSU) Columbia University
Rich Mellon (PSU) University of Virginia
Curtis DeWitt (PSU) University of Florida
Anne Watson University of Vermont
George Trammell University of Verginia


Updated on Dec. 3, 2017