Dr. Jian Ge's optical and infrared experimental astrophysics group is developing and applying new astronomical instrumentation and techniques for new astronomical discoveries.

New instrumentation and technique frontiers include silicon immersion grating technology, dispersed fixed-delay interferometry, integral field optics and shaped pupil coronagraphy

New scientific observation projects include studies of extra-solar planets, brown dwarfs, planetary disks, young stellar objects, asteroseismology, chemical abundance of planet host stars, quasar absorption line systems, expansion of the universe, and gamma ray burst afterglows.

Postdoc Abhijit Chakraborty and graduate student, John Debes, are hunting for brown dwarfs using the Mt. Wilson 100 inch telescope with adaptive optics and our PIRIS near-IR Imager and Spectrograph Graduate student, John Debes, is working on testing a new shaped pupil coronagraph setup in our Penn State lab. Undergraduate student, Curtis DeWitt, is working on setting up ET, and extra-solar planet hunting machine at KPNO 2.1 meter telescope