Florida Astrophysics Winter Workshop

Each winter the Florida Theoretical Astrophysics group organizes an informal workshop in which several researchers visit for ~1 week to ~ 1 month to collaborate with Florida astrophysicists and each other and to enjoy the Florida weather!

Cosmic Origins
3/13/17, 2pm, BRT217 Giacomo Beccari (ESO) Accretion Discs in Halpha with the OmegaCam (ADHOC) survey
3/13/17, 2.30pm, BRT217 Darryl Seligman (Yale) Vorticity-Preserving Hydrodynamical Simulations
3/14/17, 2pm, BRT217 Adam Ginsburg (NRAO Socorro) High-mass star formation in the Galaxy's densest environments: The effects and importance of feedback
3/14/17, 2.30pm, BRT217 Maria Drozdovskaya (Bern) Inextricable ties between chemical complexity and dynamics of embedded protostellar regions
3/14/17, 3pm, BRT217 Victor Rivilla (Arcetri Obs.) The formation of prebiotic molecules in star-forming regions: Phosphorus and COMs
3/15/2017, 2pm, BRT217 Catherine Vlahakis (NRAO Charlottesville) Probing the distant Universe with ALMA and gravitational lensing
3/15/2017, 2.30pm, BRT217 Sabrina Stierwalt (NRAO Charlottesville) Direct evidence of hierarchical assembly at low masses from isolated dwarf galaxy groups
3/16/17 ALMA/J-VLA/CASA Workshop
3/16/17, 12.45pm, BRT217 Peter Behroozi (UC Berkeley) The Connection between Galaxy Growth and Dark Matter Halo Assembly from z=0-10
3/17/17 Star & Planet Formation Day
Interstellar Medium Processes
3/7/16, 2pm, BRT217 Charlène Lefèvre (IRAM) Dust modeling from prestellar cores to more complex star forming regions
3/8/16, 2pm, BRT217 Viviana Rosero (NRAO/New Mexico Tech) Weak and Compact Radio Emission in Early High-Mass Star Formation Regions
3/9/16, 2pm, BRT217 Thomas Bisbas (MPE) The role of cosmic-rays in tracing molecular gas in galaxies
3/9/16, 2.30pm, BRT217 Subhanjoy Mohanty (Imperial College) Vulcans in the forge: making close-in super-earths
3/10/16, 4pm, NPB1002 Blakesley Burkhart (Harvard) The Origins and Implications of Turbulence in Galaxies
3/11/16 Star & Planet Formation Day
3/11/16, 10.05am, BRT217 Chris De Pree (Agnes Scott College) Using Ultracompact (UC) and Hypercompact (HC) HII Regions as Probes of Massive Star Formation in the Milky Way
Star Formation Feedback
3/10/15, 2pm Anna Rosen (UCSC) The Importance of Winds and Radiative Feedback in Massive Star Formation
3/11/15, 2pm Chris Faesi (Harvard CfA) Molecular Clouds in Context: The Cycle of Gas and Stars in the Nearby Galaxy NGC 300
3/11/15, 4pm Juergen Ott (NRAO) Molecular Gas in Nearby Galaxy Cores: Star Formation, Feedback & Outflows
3/12/15 ALMA/J-VLA/CASA Workshop
3/13/15 Star & Planet Formation Day
3/16/15, 2pm Thomas Bisbas (UCL) Effective destruction of CO by cosmic rays: implications for tracing H2 gas in the Universe
3/17/15, 2pm Juan Camilo Ibáñez-Mejia (AMNH/Heidelberg) Gravitational collapse in a SN-driven, turbulent, interstellar medium
3/18/15, 2pm Subhanjoy Mohanty (Imperial) Formation of Close-in Super-Earths via an MRI-Induced Pressure Barrier
3/18/15, 4pm Stefanie Walch (Cologne) Structure of the supernova-driven interstellar medium in galactic disks
Turbulence and Planet Formation
3/12/14 Subhanjoy Mohanty (Imperial) Angular Momentum Evolution in Low-Mass Stars: A Fresh Look
3/13/14 Blakesley Burkhart (Wisconsin) New Diagnostics of MHD Turbulence in the Multiphase ISM
3/14/14 Star & Planet Formation Day
3/17/14 Matthew Goodson (UNC) Chemical Enrichment of the Early Solar System
3/19/14 Zhaohuan Zhu (Princeton) Transitional Disks: Signatures of Gap Opening by Young Planets?
Star Cluster Formation
1/30/13 Fumitaka Nakamura (NAOJ) Protostellar Outflow Feedback and Cluster Formation
2/6/13 Nicola Da Rio (ESTEC/ESA) Pre-main sequence stars in clusters: from Orion to the Magellanic Clouds
2/11/13 Cara Battersby (Colorado) The Structure and Evolution of Massive Star and Cluster Forming Regions
2/12/13 Stella Offner (Yale) Through the Looking Glass: Matching Observational Diagnostics with Simulations of Star Formation
2/13/13 Kevin Covey (Lowell Observatory) The Evolution of Stellar Angular Momentum from Myrs to Gyrs
2/15/13 Star & Planet Formation Day
Massive Star Formation
1/31/12 Jens Kauffmann (JPL) The Mass and Size of Clouds in Space -- Relationship to (High Mass) Star Formation Thresholds
2/1/12 Thushara Pillai (Caltech) The Initial Conditions for High Mass Star Formation
2/6/12 Jouni Kainulainen (MPIA Heidelberg) What do column density probability distributions tell us about star formation in molecular clouds?
2/8/12 Takashi Hosokawa (JPL) Radiative Feedback from Primordial Protostars and Final Mass of the First Stars
2/10/12 Star & Planet Formation Day
Planetary Atmospheres & Galactic Star Formation Laws
1/24/11 Adam Leroy (NRAO) Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies
1/26/11 Eric Agol (U. Washington) Novel tools for studying exoplanets
2/4/11 Star & Planet Formation Day
2/7/11 Emily Rauscher (Arizona) Developing General Circulation Models for the Exotic Atmospheres of Hot Jupiters
2/9/11 Eliza Kempton (UCSC) Revealing the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Super-Earths
2/23/11 Desika Narayanan (U. Arizona) The ALMA View of High-Redshift Galaxies
Computational Astrophysics
1/13/10 Mario Juric (CfA) Galaxy Evolution Models
1/20/10 Soko Matsumura (U. Maryland) Dynamical Evolution of Planetary Systems in Dissipating Gas Disks
1/21/10 Dan Whalen (Carnegie Mellon Univ.) Radiative and Kinetic Feedback by 25-80 Solar Mass Primordial Stars
1/22/10 Star & Planet Formation Day
1/25/10 George Lake (Univ. Zurich) A Dark Disk in the Milky Way
1/27/10 Britton Smith (Colorado) The Nature of the First Metal-Enriched Stars in the Universe
Star & Planet Formation
1/26/09 Kaitlin Kratter (University of Toronto) Accreting Protostellar Disks: fragmentation and multiplicity
1/28/09 Andrew Youdin (CITA) Getting the Ball Rolling: The Early Stages of Planet Formation
1/29/09 Sarah Dodson-Robinson (EXScI, JPL) Planets, Silicon & Iron: How to isolate the relationships between several correlated variables with the K-S bootstrap test
1/30/09 Star & Planet Formation Day
1/30/09 Ruth Murray-Clay (CfA) Atmospheric Escape from Highly Irradiated Planets
2/4/09 Sally Dodson-Robinson (Caltech) Chemistry and dynamics of the solar nebula

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