Dr. Peter Barnes

University of Florida Astronomy Colloquium - Sept. 3, 2008

Large-Scale Surveys of Star Formation (and other adventures in mm astronomy Down Under)

New technology in the southern hemisphere is allowing rapid advances in observational astronomy on several fronts. In this talk I highlight some recent developments in Australia, and how I have been using these to perform large projects in Galactic star formation (at both the high- and low-mass ends of the IMF), as well as in solar system studies. For the Milky Way, I present some first results from CHaMP and c2d, and show how these projects leverage the new technology into some highly efficient (and effective) directions. I also show recent results from asteroid and planet observations, and how these may have a strong impact on absolute calibration of instruments like Herschel and ALMA. Finally I will describe opportunities for follow-up work which would capitalise on UF's infrared and theoretical expertise.