Frontiers of Astrophysics, Journal Club

Fall 2008

Fri @ 12-1 p.m., Room 7 Bryant

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Aug 29 Frontiers
Jonathan Tan
Massive star formation through the universe
Aug 29 JC
Sept 5 Frontiers
Anthony Gonzalez
Surveys, Galaxies, and Galaxy Clusters
Sept 5 JC
Conor Mancone
Origin of multiple stellar populations in globular clusters and their helium enrichment
Alvio Renzini (2008), arXiv:0808.4095
Sept 12 Frontiers
Elizabeth Lada
Embedded Star Clusters
Sept 12 JC
Knicole Colon
The Atmospheric Signatures of Super-Earths: How to Distinguish Between Hydrogen-Rich and Hydrogen-Poor Atmospheres
E. Miller-Ricci, D. Sasselov, S. Seager
Sept 19
No talks
Reitz Union Grad Student Presentation Day
Sept 26 Frontiers
Sara Gonzalez
Update on Library Resources
Sept 26 JC
Jason Ybarra
The directional analysis of star clusters
A. Cartwright and A. P. Whitworth, MNRAS 2008, in press
Oct 3 Frontiers
Charlie Telesco
Fun with CanariCam on the GTC
Oct 3 JC
Oct 10 Frontiers
Fred Hamann
Outflows from AGN
Oct 10 JC
Izaskun San Roman
The Triangulum Stream
Oct 17 JC
David Vollbach
HST Morphologies of Local Lyman Break Analogies: Evidence for Starbursts Triggered by Merging
Overzier, Heckman, Kauffmann et al. 2008
Oct 17 JC
Dan Li
Planet formation around stars of various masses: the snow line and the frequency of giant planets.
Oct 24
No talks
Univ. Holiday
Oct 31 Frontiers
Eric Ford
Introduction to Exoplanet Research
Oct 31 JC
Mark Keremedjiev
Systematic Uncertainties in Black Hole Masses Determined from Single Epoch Spectra
arXiv: 0810.3234
Nov 7 Frontiers
Vicki Sarajedini
Introduction to AGN research
Nov 7 JC
Nestor Lasso
2 years of integral monitoring of GRS 1915+105. I. Multiwavelength coverage with integral, RXTE, and the Ryle radio telescope
Rodriguez et al. 2008
Nov 14 Frontiers
Ata Sarejedini
Introduction to Stellar Populations Research
Nov 14 JC
Soung-Chul Yang
A complete N-body Model of the old open cluster M67
(Hurley et al, MNRAS 2005)
Nov 21 Frontiers
Oleg Kargaltsev
Introduction to High Energy Astrophysics Research
Nov 21 JC
Ji Wang
Approaches to More Precise Radial Velocity Measurement
Nov 28
No talks
Dec 5 Frontiers
Reba Bandyopadhyay
Introduction to Galactic Center Research
Dec 5 JC
Dan Gettings
The Extragalactic Distance Scale Without Cepheids
Mould et al.