Frontiers of Astrophysics

These weekly lunchtime seminars, typically of two 30 minute talks, are on Fridays at 12pm-1pm, in Bryant 7. In the Fall semester, UF Astrophysics faculty introduce their work to students who may be interested in starting new research projects. In the Spring, the seminar continues as Journal Club, where graduate students present journal article review talks.

Fall 2011
Date Speaker Title
8/26 Reitz Union Talks No seminar this day
9/2 Eric Ford Planetary Dynamics in the Kepler Era
Anthony Gonzalez The Distant Universe
9/9 Bo Zhao Development of Instrumentation and Technology for Searching for Exo-Planets
9/16 Robert Wilson Under-developed and Under-utilized Capabilities in EB Light Curve Modeling
Jonathan Tan The Extremes of Star Formation
9/23 Ata Sarajedini Resolved Stellar Populations in the Local Group
Xiaoke Wan Interferometers and their applications
9/30 Vicki Sarajedini Multiwavelength Surveys for AGN
10/7 Chris Packham MIR Observations of AGN
Francisco Reyes Plasma Interactions Revealed by Jupiter Low Frequency Radio Emission
10/21 Oleg Kargaltsev High-energy astrophysics of galactic compact objects: from neutron stars to black holes
Katia Matcheva Waves in the atmospheres of solar system planets
10/28 Fred Hamann Active Galaxies and Galaxy Evolution
11/4 Homecoming No seminar
11/11 Veterans' Day No seminar
11/18 Stan Dermott Asteroid Dynamics
Elizabeth Lada Star Formation
11/25 Thanksgiving No seminar
12/2 Peter Barnes Large-Scale Surveys of Star Formation in the Milky Way
Steven "Nick" Raines TBD
12/9 Steve Eikenberry Black Hole Astrophysics in the Infrared
Jian Ge Doppler Exoplanet Surveys
1/27 Charles Telesco Young Circumstellar Disks and Magnetic Fields
2/3 Reba Bandyopadhyay Hunting for Buried Treasure: Prospecting for a Population of Compact Objects in the Galactic Center
Other faculty not yet scheduled: Haywood Smith; Rafael Guzman

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