Frontiers of Astrophysics, Journal Club

Spring 2010

Fri @ 12-1 p.m., Room 7 Bryant

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Jan 15 Frontiers
Anthony Gonzalez
Overview of Research
Jan 22
No talks
Star & Planet Formation Day
Jan 29
No talks
Debra Hunter Lunch
Feb 5 Frontiers
Jingquan Cheng (NRAO)
ALMA antenna design and development of astronomical telescopes
This talk will introduce modern telescopes such as ALMA, their design, operation principles, performance limitations and special technologies. It will also include related history and backgrounds of astronomical telescopes. It covers major events in telescope development and all kinds of telescopes, including optical, radio, x-ray, gamma ray, gravitational wave, cosmic rays, and dark matter ones.
Feb 12
No talks
AAC visit
Feb 19 Frontiers
Eric Ford
Overview of Research
Feb 19 JC
Ben Nelson
Implications of the Interior Structure of Transiting Exoplanets
March 5 JC
Mark Keremedjiev
Recent Developments in the Search for IMBH
Mar 12 Frontiers
No talks
Spring Break
Mar 19 JC
Scott Flemming
Discovery of a Water World: "A super-Earth Transiting a Nearby Low-Mass Star"
Charbonneau et al., 2009, Nature, 462, 891
Mar 26 JC
Yichen Zhang
On the Role of Disks in the Formation of Stellar Systems: A Numerical Parameter Study of Rapid Accretion
by Kratter et al.
Mar 26 JC
Jason Ybarra
Methods for Estimating Fluxes and Absorptions of Faint X-ray Sources
Getman et al. 2010
Apr 2 JC
Robert Morehead
A Ground-Based Near-Infrared Emission Spectrum of the Exoplanet HD189733b
Swain, M. R., et al. 2010, Nature, 463, 637, 4 February 2010
Apr 2 JC
Jesus Martinez
Discriminating between the physical processes that drive spheroid size evolution
Hopkins, P. F. et al, 2010, MNRAS, 401, 1099-1117
Apr 9 Frontiers
No talks
From Stars to Galaxies Conference
Apr 16 Masters Talks
Dan Gettings
Finding Galaxy Clusters Using Photometric Redshifts: A Friends-of-Friends Approach
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