I organize the following seminars:
Astronomy Dept. Colloquium
Florida Theoretical Astrophysics seminar
High Energy Astrophysics Discussion Group
Frontiers of Astrophysics/Journal Club

Workshops and small meetings:
Florida Star and Planet Formation Days (Every few months in Gainesville, Orlando, Daytona)
Florida Astrophysics Winter Workshop (ASTROWIN)

Conference organization:
The Florida Star Formation Conference Series:

From Stars to Planets, Gainesville, Florida, April 2007
From Stars to Galaxies, Gainesville, Florida, April 2010
From Stars to Life, Gainesville, Florida, April 2013
From Stars to Massive Stars, Gainesville, Florida, April 2016

Other Conferences:
Spitzer Science Conference 2008: New Light on Young Stars: Spitzer's View of Circumstellar Disks, Pasadena, California, USA, Oct. 2008
Transformational Science with ALMA: The Birth and Feedback of Massive Stars, Within and Beyond the Galaxy, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, Sept 2008
Gas Accretion and Star Formation in Galaxies, Munich, Sept. 2007
Massive Star Formation, Heidelberg, Sept. 2007
Celebrating 15 years of precision astronomy in the Galactic Center - Hot topics and observational challenges, Ringberg, Bavaria, June 2007