Extra Credit

Extra credit (capped at up to 5%) will be considered for these activities related to your Participation in the class:

1.  Attending and Participating in Discussion Sessions, Review Sessions or Office Hours:
Here, you will have a chance to explore class ideas and concepts in more detail than is possible in the lecture, and in a smaller group so that you will have more opportunities to demonstrate your interest and understanding.

2.  Contributing to the Astro Web Forum: (especially for those unable to attend the regular discussion sections)
Web-based discussion forum via this link

3.  Contributing to the discussions in lectures: use your name tag so I can identify you; ask and answer questions during the lecture; send me (ast1002_tan-l @ lists.ufl.edu) interesting astronomy news stories, images, musical suggestions, jokes!

4.  Lecture attendance will be recorded at various times during the semester. Your attendance at these lectures will generate some extra credit. You are very strongly advised to attend all lectures!