Journey with us on a voyage of discovery through the Universe. We begin with the motions of celestial objects through the sky and how studying these motions led to the historical development of astronomy and an understanding of our place in the Universe. We will then explore the planets of our solar system, our Sun and other stars, galaxies and the large scale structure of the Universe. We will study how the Universe was born in the Big Bang, how galaxies, stars and planets formed and evolved. We conclude with a discussion of how life started on Earth and the prospects and possibilities for life and intelligent life to exist around other stars.

Fall 2017 - AST 1002 - Section 1069

Instructor: Prof. Jonathan Tan
office: 302 Bryant; tel. 352 294 1851 (but it is best to use email)
course email: ast1002_tan-l @
office hours: Tue. 12.30pm-1pm following discussion section; Wed. 12.30pm-1.00pm (but email me if coming on Wed.) or by appointment
Text Book: ASTRONOMY: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe (Chaisson and McMillan) (8th Edition; 7th is ok)
Class Location: Pugh 170
Class time: Tuesdays 10.40am-11.30am (period 4); Thursdays: 10.40am-12.35pm (periods 4 & 5)
Discussion Sections: It will be announced in class if a discussion section is happening after the lecture. They will be held at:
Tue. ~11.30am (period 5), Bryant Space Sciences Center, Room 3
Thur. ~12.35pm (period 6), Bryant Space Sciences Center, Room 3, but starting in the main lecture room on this day
Web-based discussion forum via this link
Canvas e-learning site: via this link

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