Telescope Observing Project

The campus observatory has an open house every non-cloudy Friday evening (8.30-10pm) during the semester. In addition there will be observing sessions available on some Tuesday evenings (Sept. 5th, Sept. 26th, Oct. 24th). 20% of your class grade is given for attending an observing session, observing 2 astronomical objects through a telescope (this should only take about 20-30 minutes, so you do not need to attend the entire open house and you can arrive anytime between 8.30pm and about 9.40pm), and completing an observing form (below). The completed form (hand drawing for the sketches of your objects, typed answers to the questions) is your Observing Report. You must obtain a token at the observatory and attach it to the front of your report. Remember to write your name on all sheets and to complete the sketch for each object.

The deadline for handing in the Observing Project Report is ***Thursday Oct. 26th 2017***, however, you are strongly advised to complete the observing part of the exercise by Fri. Oct. 6th to avoid the chance of weather disruption.

Here is information on how to get to the observatory and latest weather.

This is the Observing Form in Word format. You should complete your sketches of your observed objects by hand, e.g., on page 1 (after the instructions), and then type your responses to the remaining questions.

This is a check list to help you complete the exercise when you go to the observatory: Check List.

Here is a Guide for how the Observing Project Report will be graded.