Help Sessions

Reading Assignments & Quiz Deadlines

Reading quizzes are available through the Mastering Astronomy website.

* Reading quizzes for each assignment are due on Mondays at 10 pm.  The lowest 2 scores will be dropped. No late assingments accepted.


Homeworks are assigned each week through the Mastering Astronomy website - www.masteringastronomy.com.  These problems will help you understand the subject material and are excellent preparation for your exams.  The homework assignments will become available at least a week before the due date. Homeworks are due every Friday at 10 pm. There will be a total of 12 homework sets assigned. The lowest 2 homework scores will be dropped and the 10 highest scores will contribute 15% of your grade.  No late homeworks will be accepted.

Studying for Exams

For extra practice here are some old homework/exam questions from previous years.  You can use these to help you study for the midterm and final. 

Unit 1:  
        Problem Set 1 
          Figure A for Probs 12 & 13
          Solution Set 1
        Problem Set 2 
          Solution Set 2

Unit 2 :
        Problem Set 3 -
          Solution Set 3
        Problem Set 4  
            Solution Set 4

Unit 3:  
        Problem Set 5
          Solution Set 5
        Problem Set 6
          Solution Set 6

Unit 4:
        Problem Set 7
          Solution Set 7