AST 1002 - Discovering the Universe

AST 1002 - Discovering the Universe

Course Information for 2013 Fall Semester

Instructor:Peter Barnes
Office: Bryant 317A
Email: pjb -at- astro -dot- ufl -dot- edu
Office hours:Tuesday at noon, or by appointment
Phone: 352 294 1856
Fax: 352 392 5089

Sections: 1069
Times: TuTh 10:40
Location: CSE A101

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Required text: Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe, 7th ed. by Chaisson + McMillan, Pearson Press
Additional required material: Mastering Astronomy

Image credit: Spitzer/JPL/NASA, Australian Astronomical Observatory,
Australia Telescope National Facility, Peter Barnes

This course offers a broad overview of modern astronomy. We will examine how observation, experimentation and exploration have led to our present day understanding of the Earth environment and the Universe we live in. Although this is essentially a non-mathematical science course, a very basic knowledge of mathematics is required. Our goal is to help you gain a physical understanding and an appreciation of the cosmos and more generally of the scientific method and how scientific discoveries impact society. Along the way, we will use and practice critical thinking skills and learn how to formulate empirically testable hypotheses.

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