AST 1002 - Discovering the Universe

AST 1002 - Discovering the Universe

Extra Credit Projects for 2013 Fall Semester

In total you can earn up to 5% extra credit for this class through the following activities. Choose ONE OF Projects I-III.

UPDATE: Click here to check that your EC report/project has been received and recorded. Let me know immediately if your EC item is missing from this list. Grades for these will be posted soon.


Up to 5% extra credit can be gained by completing a creative project which demonstrates knowledge of a subject related to astronomy. This could include, but is not restricted to, a physical or computer model, an observational or survey project, a work of fine art, or even a piece of performace art. If you have an idea you would like to pursue, please come and discuss it with me early in the semester. Be Creative!
You must turn in a brief written proposal (not more than a page) for your project on or before Tuesday 8th October 2013. Your final extra credit project will be due on or before Tuesday 26th November 2013. An oral presentation to the class may be required. Please note, written reports, standard term papers, and standard web pages are not acceptable as creative extra credit projects, so be imaginative!


Up to 3% can be gained by attending astronomical planetarium show at the Kika Silva Planetarium at Santa Fe College and filling out a Planetarium Report on the show. You must attach your ticket stub from the show.


Up to 3% can be gained by attending a public astronomy event sponsored by the UF Department of Astronomy. A list of these can be found on the Astronomy Public Events page. Alternatively, attending a public talk sponsored by the Alachua Astronomy Club would also be acceptable. To receive credit please complete the Extra Credit Report form.

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