AST 1002 - Discovering the Universe

AST 1002 - Discovering the Universe

Observing Reports for 2013 Fall Semester

This report will comprise 20 percent of your final grade. You are expected to attend a public Observing Night (on the schedule shown below) at the Campus Teaching Observatory, and submit a report on this Word or pdf form. The schedule of observing sessions is:

If your surname starts with... Then the observing nights available to you are... And the observing report is due on...
A to H30 Aug, and 6, 10, & 13 Sept8 Oct
I to Q20 & 27 Sept, and 1 & 4 Oct25 Oct
R to Z11, 18, 21, 25, & 29 Oct, and 1 Nov22 Nov

Note that each of these runs from 8:30pm to 10:00pm at night, with a phone message available from 8pm that evening as to the current weather conditions and whether the session will be on that night. The phone number is on the public night web page.

Update: The first hand-in date for A-H has been extended, as shown above. This is to allow everyone to view the following tips for maximising your score on this report--

Q1: Try to be as accurate as possible with details. Note, this does not require artistic ability.

Q2: Give some good details on what you actually saw; make sure you are not describing a picture from another source (eg, a book). Give some personal thoughts on what you expected.

Q3: Put some thought and effort into giving details, explanations, and significance of what you saw.

Q4: Show that you understand the material and that you've put some thought into addressing all questions.

Q5: Make sure you clearly state both the question AND the hypothesis. Then discuss method(s) to test all aspects of these; address all questions with critical thought; and give background/explanations as necessary.

Reports that miss some of the above points will get correspondingly lower marks. You need to properly do all of the above to get beyond a B.

Update 2: The list of scheduled observing nights for October has been corrected, as shown above. The original listing was wrong.

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