CHaMP - The Galactic Census of High and Medium-mass Protostars


Below is a listing of the data files and related documents now available for public download. Typically, you'll want to right-click each link to "Save as..." the linked postscript or FITS files. PDF files are also provided in some cases for convenience.

BYF 73

This was our first CHaMP cloud studied in detail. Results were published in Barnes et al 2010, MNRAS, 402, 73. See this paper for full details on the linked files and images.

Data products available (note that all Mopra and Mopra-derived data for BYF 73 are on the TA* scale, where TR* = TA*/0.65 at 89 GHz):




  • Other images (separate from the MNRAS paper):


      2MASS JHK 3-colour






      Spitzer-IRAC 3-colour






      MSX 3-colour