ThrUMMS - The Three-mm Ultimate Mopra Milky Way Survey

ThrUMMS Sample Images

All current images are from ThrUMMS pre-release DR4 products. Actual fits cubes will be made available via the Data Release Bank.

Example Widefield view of 13CO


A 6° × 2° field of 13CO emission, taken 0.5° at a time, during the 2010-15 observing seasons. (top) Integrated intensity and (bottom) velocity field, calculated using a smooth-and-mask (SAM) algorithm. Some residual poor-weather artifacts are still visible in these images, but these will eventually be eliminated.


Example view of Sector 348 in 12CO (red), 13CO (green), and C18O (blue)


Simultaneously mapped ThrUMMS species over a 9° × 2° area, centered around l = 351°. In this rendering, different line ratios can be seen as different colours: redder areas likely have higher excitation temperature and lower optical depth in the CO lines, while greener or bluer areas have higher optical depth and lower temperature.