ThrUMMS - The Three-mm Ultimate Mopra Milky Way Survey

ThrUMMS Data Release Bank

Below is a listing of the data files now available for free public download. Typically, you'll want to right-click each link to "Save as..." the linked FITS files. We encourage colleagues to contact us for advice or projects related to these data or if any specific regridding of certain regions is desired.



2016 Feb 29 - DATA RELEASE 4 NOW AVAILABLE! (See below)



While the data provided here are free to the public and professional astronomical community, we ask that any researcher(s) who use the ThrUMMS data in their work acknowledge our effort by citing the main ThrUMMS paper (Barnes et al 2015 ApJ 812 6) in any publications.


Also, if researchers would like us to provide alternative or additional data products and/or analysis, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs on a best-efforts basis. While our large team is already pursuing a number of research topics, we nevertheless welcome suggestions for collaborative research, or for researchers to nominate themselves for inclusion on any of our existing research teams.



2011 Jan 23 - First data (DR0) from November 2010 pilot run (about 10% of the planned area), with a 90" gridzilla kernel.

2011 Jun 7 - New DR1 data including April 2011 run replace existing DR0 data with reprocessed cubes (eg a 72" kernel), and cover a 0.5° strip in galactic latitude (ie, from -0.5° to 0.0°). The cubes are segmented by galactic longitude into 2° blocks (thus merging up to four half-degree OTF maps), labelled by the lower limit of each range.

2011 Jul 27 - Cubes with increased velocity ranges have been generated for 12CO and 13CO.

2011 Sep 2 - C18O and CN cubes have been updated with increased velocity ranges.

2011 Sep 2 - New data in all 4 tracers have been added for Regions 334, 352, 356.

2012 Oct 19 - DR2 cubes are available for all areas, including data from the October 2011 — October 2012 runs. All DR2 data now cover a 2° longitude window, labelled by the lower limit of that range, and cover a 1° strip in galactic latitude, from -0.5° to +0.5°, each conjoining 8 half-degree OTF maps.

(2013) - Observing underway for Phase II of ThrUMMS, to double the latitude coverage across the full 60° of the 4Q.

2014 May 14 - DR3 cubes are now available for all areas mapped in 2010-2013 for the 12CO and 13CO lines, as marked by *s. All DR3 data now cover a 6° longitude window, labelled by the lower limit of that range, and cover up to 2° in galactic latitude, from b = -1.0° to +1.0°, each conjoining up to 48 half-degree OTF maps. While coverage of |b| < 0.5° is essentially complete, the wider 0.5° < |b| < 1.0° strips have only ~25% coverage per sector on average (more at lower longitudes, less at higher longitudes).

(2014) - We have received high grades for both ATNF and NAOJ time this season, and are now busy with a large amount of Mopra observing. This should allow us to make substantial progress towards completing Phase II as described above.

2014 Oct 31 - Observing concluded for 2014, with approximately 65% of Phase II coverage completed. This was a little disappointing, partly due to the time we were awarded being not optimally allocated, and also to getting more than our fair share of poor weather. We will need to return in 2015. Meanwhile, we plan to make DR4 available by early 2015.

(2015) - We again received high grades for the project in 2015. Since this is the last year of the 3-yr contract with NAOJ and other institutions to fund Mopra operations, and since Mopra's future beyond this year is very uncertain, we will be making a strong push to finish Phase II in the time we have been awarded.

2015 May 1 - Unfortunately, DR4 will be delayed, probably until late 2015/early 2016, due to the need to commit our limited staffing to the current observing activities.

2015 Oct 15 - After some desperate last-minute scrounging for extra time to remedy the last few weather stripes, we believe we have succeeded and beaten the deadline of the end-of-public-funding for Mopra. We are working hard to produce the next release, DR4, as soon as possible.

2016 Feb 29 - DR4 cubes are now available in the 13CO line for the entire 60°x2° (combined Phase I and II) area of ThrUMMS (marked by **s).


ThrUMMS Data Release 4 (DR4) notes:

All DR3 and DR4 data cover a 6° longitude window (3x as wide as DR2), labelled by the lower limit of that range as before. Thus the DR2 areas covering (for example) longitudes 300-302, 302-304, and 304-306 are all included in one DR3/4 "sector" covering longitudes 300-306. ALL the DR4 cubes (13CO) have full 2° latitude coverage. The DR3 cubes (all 12CO, plus some C18O and CN) cover at least the same 1° strip in latitude as the DR2 data, plus some coverage of the wider 2° latitude range, as completed to 2013; DR3 coverage in individual sectors of these higher latitudes will therefore vary.


Important! The DR4 maps have much higher quality than DR3, just as DR3 maps also have much higher quality than DR2. In particular, the single-pixel errors from the Livedata processing ("the pox") have been completely eliminated in DR3, and virtually all "weather stripes" have been eliminated in DR4.


WARNING - Some of the DR1 cubes, and all of the DR2-4 cubes, are quite large (several hundred Mb each). Make sure you have a high-speed data link before attempting the download. Unstarred links are to DR1 or DR2 files; * = DR3; ** = DR4.


Sector (Region)
12CO 13CO C18O CN Velocity Range File Size (Mb)
s300 (302)
-65 to 65* (-120 to 100)
-120 to 100
-120 to 100
380* (430)
s306 (308)
-80 to 65* (-120 to 100)
-80 to 50
-80 to 50
440* (840)
s312 (312)
-80 to 65* (-80 to 50)
-80 to 50
450* (420)
s318 (318)
-100 to 40* (-110 to 40)
(-110 to 40)
410* (295)
-125 to 25,-125 to 33*
(-140 to 15)
s330 (332)
-150 to 50* (-160 to 50)
-175 to 50* (-160 to 50)
(-160 to 50)
470,590* (610)
690* (620)
-150 to 50*
-180 to 50*
-195 to 45*
(-200 to 50)
s348 (350)
-210 to 3* (-100 to 50)
(-100 to 50)
(-150 to 50)
620* (595)
s354 (354)
(-150 to 0)
650,810* (970)