S. Nicholas Raines

Assistant Scientist

Department of Astronomy

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S.N. Raines
211 Bryant Space Science Center
Dept. of Astronommy
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-2055, USA
phone: (352) 392-2052, ext. 244
raines at astro.ufl.edu

Mayall telescope with flanking flamingos.


I have co-authored a number of manuals related to the use of FLAMINGOS, and the Service & Calibration manual for FLAMINGOS-2. Please see the notes below for additional comments and advice about these manuals.


8) Steve Eikenberry, S. Nicholas Raines & the FLAMINGOS-2 Team, "FLAMINGOS-2 Service & Calibration Manual", University of Florida, 2010 Apr 14, 524 pages.
2010_04_14_Eiken_Raines_F2_SC_v3.4d.pdf (45.6 MB)


7) Nick Raines & Richard Elston, "FLAMINGOS at the KPNO 4-m: An Observer's Guide", University of Florida 2008 Nov 05, Version 2.36, 44 pages.
2008_11_05_Raines_Elston_FLMN-4m-v2.36.pdf (940 KB)

6) Nick Raines & Richard Elston, "FLAMINGOS at the KPNO 2.1-m: An Observer's Guide", University of Florida, 2008 Nov 04, Version 2.37, 48 pages.
2008_11_04_Raines_Elston_FLMN-2m-v2.37.pdf (928 KB)


5) Nick Raines & Richard Elston, "FLAMINGOS at the KPNO 2.1-m: Telescope Console Control & GUIs used for Guiding", University of Florida, 2003 Oct 21, Version 0.1, 10 pages.
2003_10_21_Raines_Elston_FLMN-2mguide-v0.1.pdf (460 KB)

4) Nick Raines, "FLAMINGOS Mosplates", University of Florida, 2003 May 09, 20 pages.
2003_05_09_Raines_FLMN-MOSmasks.pdf (304 KB)

3) S. Nicholas Raines, "FLAMINGOS Shutdown Procedure at KPNO", University of Florida, 2003 Mar 21, 5 pages.
2003_03_21_Raines_F1_KPNO_Shutdown-v2.1.pdf (228 KB)


2) Michael Ledlow, Joanna Levine, Nick Raines, & Katherine Wu, "FLAMINGOS at the MMT: A User's Guide", University of Florida, 2003 Feb., Version 1.0, 23 pages.
2003_02_Ledlow_etal_FLMN_MMT_v1.0.pdf (376 KB)

1) S. Nicholas Raines, "Flamingos Mos/Camera Heater Box Operations and Trouble Shooting", University of Florida, 2002 Apr 21, Version 0.1, 5 pages.
2002_04_21_Raines_F1_heater.pdf (112 KB)



The manuals for use at KPNO were edited and updated in 2008 and later by Dick Joyce to reflect various maintentance and service changes to the observatory and to FLAMINGOS. Astronomers wishing to use FLAMINGOS should check the Kitt Peak User Information Page, and their FLAMINGOS Manuals page in case newer versions are issued and not reflected on these pages here at UF. Their FLAMINGOS User Information and Hot News pages reflect the present status of the instrument, and should be used as the primary references for planning new observations!


Access to the Service & Calibration manual to be restricted via password access, for potential contractual reasons. Please contact us if you need a copy.