Optional Internet Project for AST 2008, Fall Term, 2007-08

You have the option of doing an Internet project as a grade boost

Length: Up to 300 words (going for quality, not quantity). One or more printed pictures
can be attached, but are not required.

Point value: Up to a maximum of 15 percentage points added to your exam average

Due date: November 13; late submissions accepted with penalty up to November 20

Method of submission: Paper copy handed in on one or two sheets of paper (no separate

cover or title page), plus possible picture attachments. If more than one sheet,

staple them together.

Add somewhere on copy and sign: "Upon my honor this project is entirely my own work."

Projects will not count until signed.

How it works: Search for one or more (up to 3) internet sites on an astronomical topic that you

find interesting. Do a write-up in your own words on the essential issues of the site(s), paying

particular attention to why you find the websites interesting, how the material originated (observations,

theory, experiment?), and a concise statement of what the websites say. Try to avoid using the same

sentences and phrases as the web sites.

Be sure to give the complete address of each website, and check that the addresses work.

Be sure to have a title of your project at the top of the page.