Exams are now scheduled for Tuesday, September 25, Tuesday, October 30, and Tuesday, December 4, 2007. Those dates are best from the viewpoint of the course and it would be best to keep things as they are. However if you have a major difficulty with the exam dates, you can provide a note at or before the start of next Tuesday's class (August 28) explaining the situation. Possibilities for a change in exam day can then be discussed among everyone involved on that day and, if necessary, also on the following Thursday's class. Assuming that a reasonable accomodation in exam date can be made, absence excuses that are based on forseeable conflicts will not be accepted. The note should be clearly written and legible and: 1. tell the nature of the conflict and the affected exam (1, 2 or 3), 2. say whether you prefer moving the exam to the preceding or following class meeting, 3. include your full name and student number.