My teaching philosophy is simple. There are two main goals I would like to achieve with my students: (i) to spark their curiosity for the natural phenomena and the physical laws that describe them; and (ii) to encourage their critical thinking, first when formulating the right questions and then when pursuing the quest for the correct answers. The main emphasis in my undergraduate courses is not only to explain what scientists know -and do not know- about the universe but, specially, how scientists know what we know. For graduate students, the main emphasis is to help them develop expertise that will be most useful during their professional careers, including learning the basics of research through small projects carried out in class, and practicing their debate skills on oral presentations describing their results. I teach the following three courses at UF.
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Discovering the Universe
▶ Astronomy 1022
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Galaxies and Cosmology
▶ Astronomy 4402
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Observational Cosmology
▶ Astronomy 6415
Rafael Guzmán
Professor & Chairman
Department of Astronomy
University of Florida
Office: 211 Bryant Space 
    Science Center
Phone: (352) 392-2052 x212