The International School for
Advanced Instrumentation
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What is the IScAI?
The International School for Advanced Instrumentation (IScAI) is a major international initiative in higher education that aims to become a centre of excellence to learn expertise in all areas related to the construction of cutting-edge scientific instrumentation, with a particular emphasis on astronomical instrumentation.
The goal of the IScAI is to provide the students with all the necessary skills to become Principal Investigators responsible for the construction of the future generation of instruments for ground-based and space observatories. The IScAI is the first such international endeavor in the world. Since its creation, I have been a member of the IScAI Board of Directors. In 2008, I was named the IScAI Executive Director responsible for the organization of the first official course in 2009. Funds are provided by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through its CONSOLIDER Grant Program. In particular, CONSOLIDER is providing funds for UF professors and engineers to teach at the IScAI as well as grants for UF graduate students to attend all the School activities. It also provides funds for students all around the world to come to UF and work in our labs. The benefits of this partnership will extend to participating high-tech companies in the State of Florida in a near future.
Rafael Guzmán
Professor & Chairman
Department of Astronomy
University of Florida
Office: 211 Bryant Space 
    Science Center
Phone: (352) 392-2052 x212