Astronomical Instrumentation
I am currently involved in the development of the following instruments.
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EMIR is a multi-object near-IR spectrograph for the Gran Telescopio de Canarias (GTC) in Spain (PI Francisco Garzón, Co-I Rafael Guzmán). The GTC will be the largest optical/IR telescope on Earth when it starts scientific operations in 2009. UF owns a 5% share of the GTC. EMIR has been fully funded by GTC and the Spanish Government. GOYA has already been awarded 30 observing nights with EMIR at the GTC over the next few years.
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FISIR, a fully-criogenic tunable filter in the near-infrared to be installed within CIRCE at the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC), is the first instrumental project leaded by the GUAIX group. J. Gallego is the FISIR PI. FISIR Instrument Definition Team (IDT) members are J. Gallego, R. Guzmán, S. Eikenberry and M. García-Vargas. R. Guzmán is the project scientist and M. Mas and P.G. Pérez-González are already members of the science team. At the end of 2008, FISIR is starting the conceptual design phase. The goal is to have FISIR ready within CIRCE by june 2010.
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The near-Infrared Multi-Object Spectrograph (IRMOS) for TMT is one of the most powerful astronomical instruments ever envisioned (PI Stephen Eikenberry, Co-PI Rafael Guzmán). The combination of  the collecting area of TMT, the unique image sharpening capabilities of the MOAO system, and the multi-object integral-field spectra provided by the IRMOS back-end make its capabilities unparalleled for addressing some of the leading scientific challenges of the coming decades. The TMT Detailed Science Case (2007) includes the two key science cases we developed for our Feasibility Study of IRMOS: the properties of very high-redshift galaxies (z>5), and the properties of galaxies during the era of peak star formation (z=2).
▶ TMT Detailed Science Case
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The Florida Image Slicer for Infrared Cosmology and Astrophysics (FISICA) is a fully-cryogenic all-reflective image-slicing integral field unit already built for the FLAMINGOS near infrared spectrograph (PI Stephen Eikenberry, Co-I Rafael Guzmán). Designed to accept input beams near f/15, FISICA with FLAMINGOS provides R~1300  spectra over a 16x33-arcsec field-of-view on the Cassegrain f 15 focus of the KPNO 4-meter telescope, or a 6x12-arcsec fieldof- view on the Nasmyth or Bent Cassegrain foci of the Gran Telescopio Canarias 10.4-meter telescope. FISICA accomplishes this using three sets of monolithic powered mirror arrays, each with 22 mirrored surfaces cut into a single piece of aluminum.
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